Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Spark Client Interview: Snyder Memorial Building Renovation (Amplify) #20361

Snyder Memorial Church was founded in 1870 as Trinity Methodist Church. It was partially destroyed in the Great Fire of 1901 and later renamed for E.B.Snyder, its pastor at the time. It is a jewel in the center of downtown that needs some polishing...With Tom Patania and crew to take a closer look at their mission...

Tell us about your idea...

We have a vision to renovate, repurpose and renew the historic building of Snyder Memorial Church into a premier performing arts venue, commercial recording studio and technology training center.  We also intend to make the space available for public events that the city hosts as well as private events such as weddings and parties.

Why did you decide to do One Spark?

We believe One Spark is an amazing event for Jacksonville and the region!  Our participation is an opportunity to share our story with all of the folks participating in the event and the broader community.  Plus, our project is right in the middle of the One Spark footprint.

How has One Spark been for you so far?

Incredible!!  We have received a lot of great feedback and support.  We have a great group of volunteers and they are so excited about being able to share this story of renewal of this beautiful old building and the potential of having arts be a part of the renaissance of downtown.

What is the next for you after One Spark?
Some sleep!  But seriously, we begin our official capital campaign and the next level of conversation with the city and people connected to the project.  Our intention is to lease the building front the city and head up the capital campaign for the renovation. 

Location: Snyer and The Carling #20361

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